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Adventure Sauna

Noticeably softer water
Gentle to eyes and skin
Reduces the use of chemicals

Experience "GRANDERWASSER" in Tauernbad Mallnitz!

Unwind in complete relaxation!

Our sauna complex offers two Finnish saunas with temperatures of 90°C. In the herbal sauna we have a temperature of 60°C where senses are stimulated with various herbal scents and oils. In our steam bath guests can also sweat at a temperature of just 40°C thanks to the high level of humidity. In the infrared sauna cabin the heat penetrates the skin even more deeply. We have the appropriate music in our relaxation room which helps our guests relax and rest deeply. It often happens that a member of staff has to wake up a guest who has fallen asleep due to the wonderful atmosphere.

In our lounge guests can also relax and read a book in peace and quiet. A Grander water fountain is available and is ideal to compensate for the fluid loss. For the really committed sauna aficionado we also have two foot baths, a plunge pool and a cold water hose for rinsing.

In the outdoor area you take a dip in the pool and also make use of the small lawn for sunbathing. We also provide our guests with fresh apples.

Among the regular special events we have the full-moon sauna nights at the end of which guests can take a naked swim and our special theme-based infusions carried out by our "Saunameister". Please check our current information for dates and times!

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