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Adventure pool

Enjoy the approx. 25-metre pool with massage tables, relaxing and massaging pool-wall and floor jets and a shallow section for non-swimmers. Kids won't miss out on the fun either as we have a separate children's pool and water slide on site. Adding to the relaxation-factor, why not try out our heated whirlpool and comfy loungers. During the summer months sun-seekers can take advantage of our large terrace and sunbathing area with loungers and umbrellas.

Don't miss our various underwater attractions including the colour-changing evening lights which create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere.

For those who are hungry or thirsty, the pool restaurant Badwirtin is directly accessible from the pool area.

Our trained spa staff is focused on ensuring the best quality pool water and to make sure the pool and sauna guests are well taken care of.

Tauernbad is also known for the high quality of its spring water. We have recently further improved the water quality thanks to Grander Wasser.

Noticeably softer water
Gentle to eyes and skin
Reduces the use of chemicals

Experience GRANDERWASSER in Tauernbad Mallnitz!

Klaus Brucker, public servant and chairman of the pool committee, describes the Tauernbad GRANDER Wasser experience as follows:

Since other public swimming pools and numerous hotel wellness centres have reacted positively to GRANDER, we were convinced that the improved water quality would give our guests a more pleasant bathing experience and we would also profit from technical improvements. We decided to install a GRANDER water vitalizing system and to also take advantage of our cooperation with GRANDER when advertising our leisure pool as many guests from home and abroad choose specifically pools which are equipped with GRANDER.
Here is a summary of our first important experiences since we installed GRANDER:
No noticeable chlorine smell in the swimming pool. Bathers also report that their bathing suits no longer smell of chlorine. The water quality is pleasantly soft and, most importantly, we have managed to reduce the amount of chemicals we use. In the sauna area we have installed a separate GRANDER drinking fountain and our guests appreciate the vitalized water very much."

Guests fill their drinking bottles with GRANDER water directly from the restaurant!

"Water brings wisdom, wine brings fun, we drink both to shine like the sun" This quotation on the wall above the counter greets our guests at the pool restaurant reminding them of the special symbiosis "

"While dining in the restaurant we noticed that the glass coffee cups had no streaks or residue left on them after washing. The coffee is more aromatic and its taste has improved. Naturally we serve our refreshing water in GRANDER glasses."

For our younger guests we have created a non-alcoholic juice-based drink with Grander Water. The price is affordable and it has become very popular among the little ones! Our pool restaurant hostess excitedly reports that some guests bring their own water bottles and fill them up in the restaurant so as to take the water back home with them. Amazing!".

All the members of our community are convinced that choosing GRANDER was the right decision.

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